Optical Laser System Repair

For over 25 years, HIT has developed and delivered solutions in optical fiber and laser technology. It has the expertise and resources to manufacture optics, replace laser diodes, and replace as well as realign optic fibers for various systems and devices that employ this technology.

The case study below highlights how HIT can enhance the performance and precision of your optical laser system for the overall growth of your company.

IBM 4100 and Xerox Optical Fiber Print Head Repair and upgrade

This project involved repairing and upgrading well-used IBM 4100 and Xerox printing systems. Specifically, the devices' optical laser printheads, comprised of fiber optics attached to 5 violet laser diodes, showed significant signs of wear that likely prevented them from performing basic tasks. As a first step, HIT implemented a basic refurbishing of the machine that included:

  • Installing new, polished optic fibers.
  • Installing new laser diodes.

These modifications enabled the device to function normally and even produce better quality images than before. However, HIT recognized potential for further development. After discussing them with the client and receiving approval, HIT performed additional enhancements such as:

  • Manufacturing and installing customized laser holders.
  • Readjusting the beam overlap ratios using advanced optical instruments.

All together, HIT's solutions enabled the printers to operate with greater reliability, produce more precise images, and expanded its adaptability with other printing systems. Luckily, HIT can implement similar upgrades and performance enhancements that it did for the IBM 4100 and Xerox printing systems on most high-speed CTP applications.

In the images of the optical fiber print head below, the 5 laser diodes can be easily seen. The laser holders and the optical fibers stemming out from them were all newly designed and installed by HIT, leading to higher performance and increase in the number of printing systems with which it could be integrated.